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Spenser Ford

Creating strategic content and telling authentic stories is where Spenser thrives. She helps us to shift the culture and create content that draws our audience in and moves them.


Spenser holds a bachelor's degree from Xavier University in Communications & PR and is currently a graduate student at Northwestern where she's studying Integrated Marketing and Communications. She will be joining Nike's Brand team in Portland after graduation. 

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Brand & Marketing Lead 




Definition of sleeping giant
: one that has great but unrealized or newly emerging power

When creators, dreamers, and doers come together big things happen.

Mwoyo Chinoda, Jr.

Mwoyo works primarily on high level strategic decisions. He also oversees the org's creative direction and key campaigns. 

He kicked off his career in a small VC fund-of-funds, found his way into corporate strategy and finally transitioned into VC & Innovation strategy at Deloitte. Prior to that, Mwoyo studied engineering and entrepreneurship at Miami University.

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Aryelle Player

Aryelle develops and implements programs that align with our mission. She also creates content and leads via project management. 


Aryelle is a Senior Project Manager at Eli Lilly and oversees their High School IT internship program. In her free time, she's a career development coach at the Center for Leadership Developmen and an aspiring wedding planner. Aryelle holds an engineering degree from Miami University.

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Designer & Events Director
David Tao

David is our in-house data guru. He focuses on identifying and developing metrics that will ensure we're on a path towards success. 


David is an MBA candidate at Northwestern who will be joining JPMorgan's TMT Investment Banking division. Prior to that, he served as a thought-leader on Fannie Mae's corporate strategy and insights team. He's also a non-profit consultant and holds a finance degree from UMichigan.

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Data & Insights  Director
Tarisai Chinoda

Tarisai keeps the team excited and engaged while ensuring the org runs smoothly. 


She has a good bit of experience in HR organizations and a passion for empathy. Tarisai graduated from Xavier University where she studied Biology and Environmental Science. 

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HR and Operations Lead
Michael Murray, CPA

Michael focuses on the development of operating models that will allow us to maximize our impact. 


He is currently an M&A consultant at KPMG and enjoys mentoring youth in professional development when he isn't working. Michael holds degrees in Finance and Accounting from Miami University.

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Business Architecture Lead
Kyle Broadnax

Kyle develops and deploys marketing strategies that establish our brand. He keeps an ear to the ground and keeps us apprised of what's going on in the culture.


Kyle is currently an Advisory Consultant at EY with an affinity for digital transformation. He graduated from Miami University with a degree in Human Capital Management.

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Brand & Marketing Lead
Sabik Cohran

Sabik oversees our social media accounts. He's our idea guy, who focuses on creative content and maximizing reach.


  Sabik is studying marketing and

   communications at Harper college. He

   has a passion for creating marketing

   campaigns that make people feel


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Digital Marketing Lead
Anesu Chinoda

Anesu oversees our social media accounts. He's a creative at heart and also a bit of a wordsmith; as such, he focuses on copywriting and engagement. 


Anesu is studying Finance and Data Analytics at the University of Akron. After he graduates, he'll join Alpine Investors as a Private Equity Analyst.

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Digital Marketing Lead
Andre Sofian

Andre is our resident techie. He develops the team's technical solutions and also helps out with the team's data analytics.

Andre graduated from the University of Michigan College of Engineering with a degree in computer science and is currently a software engineer at Chicago Trading Company.

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Technical Solutions Lead
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Jermaine Thomas

Jermaine is our connection to the world education. He has deep passion for widening access to higher learning for underserved and offers an education-forward perspective on our projects.


Currently, he serves as a Transfer Admissions Specialist at Columbia College Chicago. He also holds a bachelor's degree from Miami University where he majored in Media and Culture with a co-major in Fashion Entrepreneurship.

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Program Development Lead 

sleeping giant


walk in your purpose

it's time to wake up

unleashing trapped potential

disrupting education

empowering minorities

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