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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SleepingGiant?
    SleepingGiant is a message or an awakening. SleepingGiant is a call to action - a call to wake up and go after what you love. Watch our video on our About page to learn more!
  • What is Controlled Chaos?
    A concept meaning that to get where you need to go, it may take a bit of chaos. In other words, the path to your calling may not be a easy, straight, or simple; but in time you'll get there and everything during the process will fall together.
  • What problem is SleepingGiant trying to solve?
    SleepingGiant is trying to solve many problems. Ultimately, SleepingGiant aims to unleash the theproblem of trapped potential. Check out our about page to learn more!
  • Why has SleepingGiant chosen it's focus areas?
    SleepingGiant believes that adding value in the focus areas it's chosen - financial literacy, self-awareness, transition planning - can ultimately have the most impact in helping youth walk in their purpose.
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